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Journeys Inc Child Placement Services (JCPS) was established to provide the highest level of safe, quality foster care homes for youth displaced from their original home environments due to neglect, delinquency, and abandonment. We also offer numerous educational training opportunities, resources, referrals, and outreach services for foster families, foster youth, and various community members and professionals.

Foster Care Center - Pueblo, CO - Journeys Inc Child Placement Services

Our Philosophy and Core Values:

  • JCPS is committed to treating all children and families with dignity and respect.
  • JCPS believes in the philosophy of “Quantity vs. Quality.” We maintain stringent standards for all foster family applicants as well as referral standards into the program.
  • JCPS is able to provide quality, safe, 24 / 7 care and assistance when the quality of homes and ration of children are manageable.
  • JCPS promotes community and inter-agency collaboration
    at all times.
  • JCPS will assure all families safe and confidential treatment
    and support.
  • JCPS is committed to fair and equal treatment in regards to ethnicity, national origin, belief systems, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.

Our mission at Journeys Inc is to support and enhance children's self-respect, social skills, and independence by providing safe, healthy, and educational living environments for all children in foster care centers.

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